Humanizing the City.


I am a Self-taught Italian "artist" and human currently  based in the London (UK). 


The common theme of his work are the human beings,  and the interaction between them. 


To a first glance, my work is quite erratic, moving from portraits to stickers promoting communications and dialogue among strangers. I love to not be bound to a specific project, theme or purpose. My dedication to art is my freedom, and as such I let myself drift among different things. 


My start, as an "artist", was in 2013 when I start painting abandoned street signs with portraits representing human beings of different nationalities, backgrounds and genders. 


 The colorful portraits were created adopting a multi-layer stencil technique, transforming the street elements into canvases. 


In 2013 started the "This is a Good Kiss spot" project, involving the audience and creating a worldwide network of volunteers to spread the message in the five continents adopting the sticker, a common tool in the street art, to make it viral. The project has been really successful, and published on different major newspapers and design magazines around the world thanks to the help of the community gathered around it. 


The project is still ongoing, with over one hundred of volunteers involved so far, in 87 countries.


Moved into the UK  and subsequently in London in late 2014 he started a series of new experimental portraits on the street, adopting a larger stencils, free hands drawing and colors. I have always envisage this moment as a true start in the arts, studying, investigating and learning from my "inspirational" masters. 


Since 2015 I have managed to work on over 100 Murals, around the world, and especially experimenting in abandoned buildings in the surroundings of my home town. Still learning, still improving and trying to find my unique style, subjects and technique. 


My research, as painter, has been mainly focused on aesthetic principle of beauty, humanization with elements of faith, and religion. 


At the same time, I have been working on different side projects, still ongoing, for the communication among strangers, and the re-take of the streets as catalytic elements for humans (re)actions.